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Southwest apologizes to woman told to cover up or miss flight

Is it any wonder why Southwest lost its top customer satisfaction rating when the airline seems to treat passengers with a lack of respect?

I'm talking about a recent incident for which Southwest has already had to issue an apology, giving credibility to one woman's bizarre and buxom story. According to several reports, originally in Jezebel, a woman flying from Las Vegas to New York was deemed a bit too busty to fly on the airline.

The woman, identified only as Avital, claimed she was told by a Southwest employee at a ticket kiosk that she would have to cover up her cleavage or she would not be able to get on her flight. Now, Avital apparently ignored the advice and simply proceeded to her gate and boarded her flight without incident.

Southwest later apologized and offered the woman a refund as a gesture of "goodwill," MSNBC's Overhead Bin reported.

Southwest appears to have some interesting and rather vague standards about who can fly. But apparently you can't be too fat, too loud, too skimpy, too gay or too busty. (And, yes, the airline's fat flier policy is more specific than most. So kudos on that.)

Photo courtesy of Jezebel.

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