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The U.S. needs to be careful about who it lets in

We can help some of the refugees, but not all

If I understand the anti-Trump protesters correctly, our country should just open its borders to all comers and accept the assurances of foreign governments that the people they are sending are good men and women even if those governments are hostile to this country.

Just who do you call to find out if a man with no identification papers traveling with his wife and small children who says he's from Aleppo isn't really a criminal with an extensive record or a local organizer for ISIS?

We have enough of a problem dealing with our own, home-grown terrorists without importing more.

Let's use some common sense and do this thing right. We can help some of the refugees but not all of them, and the ones we do accept must not be the ones ISIS wants to put here.

Patrick M. Lynch, Glen Burnie

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