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She threw a fortune in Banksy art in the trash? D'oh!

A Los Angeles Times account of a London mural by Bansky somehow ending up in a catalog of Fine Art Auctions Miami (where it is valued at $500,000 to $700,000)   links to a story in London’s Daily Mail that calls Banksy “the Scarlet Pimpernel” of the art world. Which, astonishingly, is not the best thing to be found in its profile of the elusive artist.

Here’s a passage about Camilla Stacey, a curator at Here Gallery in Bristol, who in 2000 bought a place where the man rumored to be Banksy had lived. She knew the house had been inhabited by Banksy because of the artwork left there.

“I bought the house that he used to live in,” she told us. “He had rented out a room but I think there had been problems with the tenants and the landlord had to sort of repossess it or whatever, so he was just selling it.

“When I moved in, the place had been covered in graffiti and stuff like that. I threw things in the [trash] bin.

“At that point Banksy was just someone putting up stuff around Bristol. He was just another artist who had graffitied around Bristol. It keeps me awake at night sometimes thinking about it.”

Hit the link for the Los Angeles Times story on Banksy's missing mural.

Photo: Nigel Howard/courtesy

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