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Why is this South Florida man naked on VH1?

Even naked, maybe especially naked, Juwan Justice is the total package, ladies.

As seen on Thursday’s premiere of the the buzzed-about VH1 reality show “Dating Naked,”  Justice (who has homes in Hollywood and Miami) is tall, handsome, funny, articulate, self-deprecating and willing to bare a lot more than his soul in a pixelated search for companionship.  He checks pretty much all your boxes, right, girls?

And yet, there’s a scene in the opening episode of "Dating Naked” when his companion wonders if he’s too good to be true, “too smooth.” A guy can’t win.

Justice has heard it before, and is still mystified:  “You‘ve got a guy that’s going to be cool, treat you right with everything you want, good looking, talks well, educated, got all his teeth. You know, what’s the problem?”

The premise of “Dating Naked,” set in a tropical resort in Panama, is what you might imagine:  A couple is introduced, moments later remove their clothes and, for the most part, remain nude (and pixelated) for the rest of the show. After their initial date,  the guy and the girl each spend time with two other naked “dates,” picking their favorite at the end of the show.

Perhaps the genius behind this backward dating game is that removing the clothes first forces couples (and viewers) to focus on other attributes.  And a woman’s radar is usually pretty accurate.

It turns out that Justice is a player in every sense of the word: The former 6-foot-4 college point guard  who played pro basketball in Israel and had tryouts with the Miami Heat and his hometown Philadelphia 76ers, is now a South Beach event impresario whose Headliner Market Group throws weekly parties in such chic spots as Liv and Story. In his nightlife life, he goes by Justice, just Justice ("Like Prince," he says).

But, Justice says, the man you see on “Dating Naked” is closer to the real him.

“Everything’s kind of loose, everything’s out there. You get that part out of the way and now you’re trying to dig into a person,” he says. “I’m a guy that likes to dress sharp, look good. They took away my swag, so all I had left was my personality.”

“Dating Naked” premieres on VH1 at 9 p.m.  Thursday. Justice will host a watch party from 7 to 11 p.m. at the Wine Vault, 3210 N. Miami Ave., No. 105, Miami. Call 786- 691-2000, or visit More info:

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