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New Year's Day with deadmau5 in Miami

Because you’ll need a special brand of inspiration on New Year’s Day, know that deadmau5 will be bringing his Grammy-nominated pulsations to Mansion on Jan. 1.

The appearance will mark the local debut of sounds from the mouse-masked DJ-producer’s new “We Are Friends Vol. 2,” his first release on Astralwerks. The collection includes two tracks, the elegantly named “Your Ad Here” and “Suckfest9001.” 

Such is the indescribable allure of deadmau5 that words fail. But Rolling Stone tried, describing "Suckfest9001" thusly: “This buzzing electro-house jam breaks into a cool, extended trance build-up before the intro riff zooms back in around the five-minute mark –– an unexpected move on first hearing that remains welcome each time after.” What?

Just go hear for yourself. Tickets: $60-$150. Info:

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