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A Christmas story: Double Trouble and Momma J

What's the holiday season about? It's about Tashad and Rashad Gardenhire, Judy McMahon and Drew Tucker, you and the Arts Garage.

The twin Gardenhire brothers were living on the street, sleeping in a relative’s car or a Delray Beach playground, and dreaming of an audition for Simon Cowell’s “X Factor,” when the woman they call Momma J rescued them.

Judy McMahon, who had mentored them a decade earlier as students at Banyan Creek Elementary School, took the teens in and drove the duo, who had adopted the stage name Double Trouble, to the audition in Charleston, S.C. Success there, including a “yes” vote from Cowell, was later undone by legal red tape (old traffic tickets gave the show cold feet), but they have gone on to lead new lives, thanks to the Arts Garage's Drew Tucker, who gave them jobs and found them an apartment. (Hit the link for the full story of  Double Trouble and 'The X Factor'.)

On Dec. 29, the Gardenhire twins will give back to Momma J with a benefit concert to help cover medical bills generated by cancer treatment for McMahon’s husband. The twins sold out their debut performance at the Arts Garage (180 NE First St., Delray Beach) a couple of months ago, and good music and good karma are sure to fill the room again on Dec. 29.

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