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Exxxotica: What Ron Jeremy's been up to

On his way to the Exxxotica porn-star trade show in Fort Lauderdale this weekend, adult-film legend Ron Jeremy shared a few jokes about ... Ron Jeremy.

Here's what he said during a quick phone conversation this week:

Jeremy was overwhelmed by good wishes from his fellow entertainers after his January heart surgeries, mentioning, Kelsey Grammer and Seth McFarlane (who gave him a shout-out on the Oscar telecast). According to Jeremy, when he left the hospital after seven days, Jay Leno cracked: “That’s the fastest Ron Jeremy discharge in history!”

He sounds upbeat, but thankful to have survived an aortic aneurysm (bascially a hole in his heart). “John Ritter, Einstein, Lucille Ball, the great actor George C. Scott, they all died from the same thing,” he says.

The heart crisis was particularly shocking, he says, because he maintains a healthy lifestyle:  “I don’t do drugs, I barely drink, no smoking… it’s not your typical actor’s lifestyle,” he says. Without a hint of humor, he adds: “I’ve never called in sick.”

Jeremy may be unrecognizable at Exxxotica this weekend – he’s lost 30 pounds. But, he assures, certain parts of his body have retained their famous heft.

Jeremy spent some Spring Breaks in Fort Lauderdale during his Queens College days and has friends from Miami Beach to West Palm Beach. He’s scheduled for appearances at Exxxotica Friday-Sunday but isn’t ruling out some kind of impromptu appearance at a club or comedy room. “I’ll be bopping around to say hi to friends, see what’s going on and see what happens,” he says.

If you are looking to win the look-alike contest during Ron Jeremy Appreciation Day at Exxxotica on Sunday, Jeremy says you need to get beyond the Halloween wig, the Groucho mustache and “the dildo sticking out of the pants, of course!” You can wear a rug on your back “if you want to be cruel,” he says, chuckling.

He’s about to start shooting a non-porn film but, at 60,  has not given up on his old ways. In April he did his first sex scene since his heart surgeries in a film with Jessica Drake. Citing the performance-compromising medication he’s on, Jeremy admits he was “a little nervous.” Then he adds, “I was happy with it. Everything came out all right.” Bada-bump!   

Exxxotica takes place at the Greater Fort Lauderdale / Broward County Convention Center 5-11 p.m. Friday, 1-10 p.m. Saturday and 1-7 p.m. Sunday. Exxxotica tickets cost $39.99-$69.99 (VIP) per day, $139.99 for a three-day VIP pass. Info:

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