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FLIFF 2013: Lea Thompson, right here, right now

At age 52, Lea Thompson isn’t looking back, nor does she spend time worrying about the future. She’s happy right where she is, with a diverse acting resume, a new movie to tout and two ambitious daughters (actress Zoey and Madelyn, a musician) to shepherd into the entertainment business.

“Someone asked me recently if I would change anything about my life, but I can’t imagine being happier,” Thompson says. “I am so happy to be at this point in my life and be filled with gratitude.”

Her past will collide with her present on Saturday when she appears at a Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival screening of her latest film, “The Trouble With the Truth,” at Cinema Paradiso. Festival organizers have scheduled a little cheeky fun for Thompson, asking her to introduce a free outdoor showing of her best-known movie, the 1985 Michael J. Fox romp “Back to the Future.”

Thompson couldn’t be more pleased.

“I am extremely proud to be Lorraine McFly,” Thompson says during a recent call from her home in Los Angeles. “It’ll be something to show the grandkids. But all of us that were involved are still shocked at the way it has endured.”

Her newest movie also involves time travel, but in a more intimate sense. In “The Trouble With the Truth,” Thompson’s Emily is reunited with her ex-husband, Robert, a starving musician played by John Shea, whose daughter has announced she’s going to marry. This bit of news prompts Robert, totally against the idea of surrendering independence, and Emily to revisit the disappointments that led to the demise of their own marriage.

The chatty 96-minute journey over this broken landscape exposes unresolved resentments, but there is more. The Los Angeles Times called “The Trouble With the Truth” “an equitable, tender, sometimes surprising game of hard truth-telling.”

“The movie is actually a thriller,” says Thompson, married to film director Howard Deutch since 1989. “The honesty is riveting. It keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering what happens next.”

Lea Thompson will attend screenings of “The Trouble With the Truth” at 3:30 p.m. Saturday at Cinema Paradiso Hollywood (2008 Hollywood Blvd.) and 7:15 p.m. Saturday at Cinema Paradiso Fort Lauderdale (503 SE Sixth St.). Tickets: $15, $12 for seniors and students. Prior to the Fort Lauderdale screening, Thompson will introduce a free 7 p.m. showing of “Back to the Future.” Call 954-525-3456 or go to More info:

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