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Relive Tortuga Music Festival fun with Kenny Chesney TV special

Early on in his 90-minute-plus set at the Tortuga Music Festival on Fort Lauderdale beach in April, somewhere between “Beer in Mexico” and “Pirate Flag,” country star Kenny Chesney declared the stretch of sand along A1A “the capital of No Shoes Nation.”

Later, in front of 25,000 or so crazed and bikini-ed fans that sprawled as far as the eye could see, he led into “You & Tequila” with the observation that, “This is officially the most fun we’ve had on the No Shoes Nation Tour!”  And it showed.  

The themes of beer, tequila, fun and bikinis should make for engaging television when the Great American Country channel broadcasts “Kenny Chesney Presents: No Shoes Nation” at 10 p.m. Wednesday. The 60-minute documentary includes concert and behind-the-scenes footage shot in Fort Lauderdale, Key West,  Tampa, Jacksonville, St. John and Barbados.

If the sneak peek on the GAC website (below) is any indication, it’s hard to imagine the city or local fans looking better. Chesney says that fans are a focal point of the film.

“When we were finishing ‘Life On A Rock,’ which was a collection of songs that were never meant to be part of an actual album, it occurred to me how thin the line between the music, me and my fans really is,” Chesney said in a press statement. “I wanted a special that showed them how they look to me, too.”


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