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The talking dead: Long Island Medium is listening

The name of the tour is “Theresa Caputo Live! The Experience,” but it’s not the live experience we’re looking for — it’s the dead.

Caputo, of course, is the Hicksville, N.Y., housewive who turned the paranormal signals she began feeling as a 4-year-old into a business, including the hit TLC reality show “Long Island Medium” and the tour that stops at the Fillmore Miami Beach on Saturday night. Only a couple dozen tickets remain.

The show runs about two hours, with Caputo playing second-fiddle to its star, the longtime companion she calls “Spirit,” through which she will channel messages from the Great Beyond to a handful of audience members. For every expectant fan in a seat at the Fillmore, there’s a skeptic grumbling on the outside.

“I get what I do is crazy. I get it,” Caputo, a “practicing Catholic,” says with practiced diplomacy. “But what you will witness at the Experience are crazy things, that you sit back and you say, ‘I don’t know if I believe in mediums, but what she just said to that family, there’s no way she could have made that up.’ “

Which sounds entertaining, but not enough to wrap a show around (with tickets starting at nearly $60 a pop). No, what Caputo is selling is hope. Every audience member, she believes, will feel the presence of a lost loved one and “leave that venue feeling different, in a positive way.”

Changing our relationship with the deceased is her goal, Caputo says, even if it puts her out of business.

“Each and every one of us can connect with loved ones that have departed. I and other mediums are just able to connect with everybody’s loved ones,” she says. “It’s all really about recognizing and quieting the mind. As adults, we just make up excuses.”

Messages from a loved one may be right before our eyes –– say, a random butterfly, or a dime in a place it should not be.

“I actually do have a personal connection with dimes. It’s different if you put your hand in your pocket and pull out a dime, OK. But it’s in these odd, unique places, and there’s something deep within your soul that you just know that it’s a sign from them,” she says. “They’re able to get our attention and help us notice things, to give us comfort, to let us know they’re with us.”

Theresa Caputo is at the Fillmore Miami Beach (1700 Washington Ave.) 8 p.m. Saturday. Tickets: $59.75 to $99.75. Call 305-673-7300, or go to

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