When I needed upbeat music for the treadmill, it was DJ Joe Dert who supplied it.  Same at the club, where it’s hard to stop moving when he takes over at the turntables. The energy Dert supplies is that contagious. 

Dert, real name Joe Eshkenazi, is a legend around the Miami music scene.  He got his start at South Beach’s Automatic Slims and Rokbar.

Nowadays, his mixes for the packed crowds at Mansion on Thursday, every Friday at the Forge, and Saturday at the Shore Club.  In recent years, he’s also gained internationally attention, flying monthly to Toronto and Central America.

I met Dert a few years ago, when I interviewed him about spinning at Wall, a popular club inside the W Hotel in Miami Beach. 

He told me about his days as a rocker, and hanging out with Ozzy Osbourne. Long before he became a hit in on the dance floor, Dert was more known around metalhead circles. In 2003, he toured with the nu-metal band, ENDO, as a drummer. Later, the band landed a recording deal with Columbia Records. The record caught the attention of some popular rockers, which led to another tour with System of a Down, a second tour with Megadeth and a spot on the Ozzfest lineup.

From nu-metal to house, Dert is passionate about different genres of music, and that shows in his signature mash-ups.  It's a blend of rock, hip-hop, old-school funk, house and electro.

It's a constant challenge for DJs not to be typecasted musically, but because of his vast musical taste and expert mixing skills, Dert has been able to stay on top the South Florida club scene. 

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