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Bieber and the beach: it's a wrap

The madness is over – for now.

Justin Bieber has left South Beach and is now hanging out in Panama with his guy pals and new friend, Miami model Chantel Jeffries.

For me, it means I can go back to resume my regular duties instead of chasing down the “Boyfriend” singer.   On Friday, my colleague and I – along with several paparazzi, new trucks and reporters – met fans and bystanders at Bieber’s South Beach hideaway, aka the Orchid House located at 1350 Collins Avenue.

The hunt for Beibs – and the media madness that ensued -  reminded me of the (devasting) moment when Gianni Versace was murdered in front of his mansion on Ocean Drive.  Although I was living in New Jersey at the time, I remember how local and national media outlets rushed to the scene and reporters tried to get the scoop before their competion did. 

Bieber is not the only celeb to get a police patdown in South Beach. Actor Mickey Rourke, NFL player Dante Stallworth, rapper Flo Rida, and former NBA player Dennis Rodman have all had run-ins with the MBPD.

What makes the Biebs story different is that he’s just a kid.  At 19, what did I know?  Sure, I thought I was a mature and on top of the world, but looking back I had no idea.  
But as a celebrity, he should know better.  Unlike Rourke and Rodman, teenage girls adore him.  When he left South Beach and jumped into his black espadade on Friday night the girls (and some teenage boys) screamed in delight.  They had camped out all day waiting to see the Biebs – he apparently is their hero.

To them, I say don’t worry. He’ll be back soon for his court date.  And then most likely, I’ll be back on Biebs duty, too.


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