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Chris Bosh talks fashion, life in Miami

Even with all his millions, Chris Bosh admits he shops at the trendy clothing store, EXPRESS. The retailer, known to be budget-friendly, held a runway show at the Raleigh Hotel on Thursday. We chatted with Bosh, who attended the event along with Sports Illustrated swimsuit hottie, Kate Upton. 

"I like the look of EXPRESS. I've always like the clean, very fashion forward,mininmal look that they have, " he said. "When you're 7-feet, you become a window shopper and you just look and think, 'Man, I like that. Too bad I can't get it.' But I can fit their shirts. At least I can wear the shirts."

The Heat champ turns 30 on March 24. He plans on having a big birthday celebration, and course, his teammates and celeb friends are invited.

The question is, can he top last year's soiree?  At the Moroccan-themed bash he and and his wife, Adrienne flew in on a helicopter and then rode in on a yacht while LeBron and D-Wade looked on.  

"I can't tell you what we're going to do this year, but I'm pretty confident in our system." 

If you happened to follow astrology, he and Adrienne are both Aries. (Her birthday is April 17) "My wife is more of an Aries than I am," says Bosh. "I play like an Aries, but off the court, I'm more of a Pisces cusp."

The dad-of three likes to hang out in Coral Gables, Coconut Grove and South Beach. 

"On off-days, I go to Coral Gables because it's a lot more chill, but I also like hanging out on [South] Beach," he said. "I'm still in the process of exploring right now so I go a bunch of different places. I've hung out at the Soho Beach House, the Gansevoort, the W Hotel and the Roosevelt." 

Of the Grove: "It's a very quaint spot...different. They have so many places to eat there and I'm a foodie and I love to eat. There are a bunch of different tapas and restaurants to check out."

And when it comes to eating, he's not picky. "I like spicy food, but I'll try any type of food before I say I don't like it."  



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