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Flo Rida defends his manager on ESPN, says Heat will win championship

When it comes to his team, Flo Rida is loyal.  On Thursday morning's "First Take" the homegrown rapper defended his manager, Lee "Freezy" Prince.

You may remember it was Prince who got ejected at Monday's game after he exchanged some heated words with the Pacers' Jeff Pendergraph.

"He showed how we do it in Dade," Flo explained on the ESPN show, which was airing live from Miami. "He didn't want to get physical, because we're definitely mature in that area, but when it comes down to voicing our opinion we've got to go hard."

Adding: "He definitely didn't start [it], my man just stood up for the Miami Heat."

Freezy then joined Flo and "First Take" hosts Stephen Smith, Skip Bayless and Cari Champion on camera.

Joked Bayless, "He's not a large human being, and he was about to engage with a very large human being in Jeff Pendergraph".  But Flo chimed back, that Freezy is a "great wrestler."

Speaking of wrestling, Flo Rida says the Heat will sweep the San Antonio Spurs in 4 games. "We're getting the ring."



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