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Saturday: Swede Fest Palm Beach 3 at Borland Center for Performing Arts

At Swede Fest Palm Beach 3, the mandate is to salute indie filmmaking and DIY ingenuity by crafting terrible -- maybe even appalling -- movies, on purpose, and with a shoestring budget. They're called "swedes," and they're three-minutes-or-fewer parodies of popular Hollywood films, done on the extra cheap, and created with gag props and cheesy special effects. Again, on purpose. For the festival's "threequel," as organizer Belle Forino refers to it, these local makers of low-budget schlock followed a game plan laid out in the 2008 comedy "Be Kind Rewind," in which Jack Black and Mos Def play clumsy video store clerks who accidentally erase the store's entire inventory and re-shoot all the videos themselves, christening them "swedes." This year's crop of 30-plus shorts done bad include send-ups of "Pacific Rim," "Pulp Fiction," "Robocop," "Pee-wee's Big Adventure," "Office Space," "The Goonies," "Star Wars," "The Shining" and "Basic Instinct." (Yes, the crossed-legs interrogation scene, to be exact, and no, it won't get raunchier than PG-13.) The swedes will be shown starting 5:30 p.m. Saturday on the big screen and in the lobby of Borland Center for Performing Arts (4801 PGA Blvd., Palm Beach Gardens). $8 in advance, $9 at the door. 561-282-4623 or
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