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Muscle up!

If you've ever wondered if your weight-training routine has a practical application — other than looking studly — you may find one Saturday at South Florida's Strongman Contest in Dania Beach.

Instead of merely seeing who can pump the most iron, the events are designed to be a little more creative. The car dead lift, for example.

"The whole thing about strongman is that events change every time," organizer Phil Halliwell says. "Every contest is different."

Halliwell moved to South Florida about nine months ago from Connecticut, where he often participated in and conducted similar competitions. He says he polled South Florida strongmen (and -women) for their event ideas.

"Much of strongman work is functional training, executing moves that have some purpose," he says.

While he is more of a strength trainer, Halliwell says people who participate in CrossFit may enjoy Saturday's competition, because it involves similar moves.

Entry costs $80, and the contest includes three men's divisions (separated by weight) and one women's division. The event will take place at Flossie's Bar and Grill at 3985 Ravenswood Road. Registration will begin at 8:30 a.m., and the competition will start at 9:30 a.m. Spectators are encouraged to attend. Prizes will be awarded to the top three finishers in each division. Flossie's will provide food and drink specials, and musician Wayne Gilbert will perform at 2 p.m. Call Halliwell at 754-777-1915.

The events are as follows.

Car dead lift (probably a Toyota Camry, Halliwell says): The person who executes the most lifts in 75 seconds will be the winner.

Yoke walk: Competitors hoist a weight over their shoulders and race 75 feet for time. The weight ranges from 250 pounds in the women's division to 600 pounds for heavyweight men (232 pounds or more).

Stone over bar: Most reps in 75 seconds, with women using an 80-pound stone over a 36-inch bar all the way up to a 280-pound stone over a 42-inch bar for heavyweights.

Farmer's walk: 150 feet for time, with 90 pounds per hand for women, 150 pounds for lightweights (less than 200 pounds body weight), 180 for middleweights (201-231) and 220 for heavyweights.

Log clean and press: Women start with 75 pounds, and the weight limit tops out at 210 pounds for heavyweights.

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