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LeBron James and Teresa Giudice - what a week!

What's a Jersey girl to do?

Now that the NBA Finals are over - with today's big parade being my last Heat-affiliated event of the season, I'm feeling kind of sad.  I'll miss the excitement of being at the games and watching King James, D-Wade and the rest of the champs play up close. Yes, I was at the arena on championship night, and yes, it was incredible.

On Friday, things ended on a high note when I hosted an event with fellow Jersey Girl, Teresa Giudice at the Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale.

She arrived about 20 minutes late (blame it on South Florida traffic) so I chatted up the crowd and met some fellow Jerseyites.

Surprisingly, most really didn't care about her "villian" reputation or what the tabloids say about her. They were interested in the real reason she was in town: to promote her fourth book, "Fabulicious!: On the Grill."

Giudice was joined by her hubby, "Juicy Joe" who sat in the corner and watched as his wifey shared stories of her Italian famiglia and how she stays in such good shape (no surprise: she works out all the time!)

Teresa's not at all like the tough Jersey gal she's plays up on the "Real Housewives of New Jersey." There was no cursing, no table-flipping and no 'tude.  In fact, she was quite pleasant and answered all the audiences' questions - even going over the allotted Q&A time frame. After, she and Joe signed copies of the book and took pictures with about 100 fans.

The funniest of the night for me is when I asked her onstage what she thought of the other "Real Housewives" chains.  She replied with a laugh, and asked, "Do you have a 'Housewives' here?'  Yes, we do, Teresa. But honestly, with all the drama and dealings that goes on the RHONJ, do we need anything else?

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