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Shaq does the Birdman Dance. Can you do it better?

Is it going to be the next "Harlem Shake"?

A video of Shaquille O' Neal doing the Birdman Dance went viral today when Heat forward Chris "Birdman" Anderson appeared on "Inside the NBA" Wednesday night. 

Shaq, who is an analyst on the TNT show alongside Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, and host Ernie Johnson, raved over Anderson's performance during Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

He then, in true Bromance style, said his ubiquitous "Birdman! Birdman!" chant with Anderson as they both flapped their wings, uh, I mean, hands in true birdy fashion.  Then, after the post-game interview, Shaq did his best (and hilarious) Birdman Dance before the closing credits.

We're pretty impressed by his moves, but think you can do much better. We'll be scouting out fans at Game 2 to see who can take flight and do the Birdman Dance.





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