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Sinbad for hire

After years on the comedy circuit, actor and funny guy Sinbad Adkins, known simply as Sinbad, shows no signs of slowing down.

"I'm a comedian. We don't take hiatuses," Sinbad says in a phone interview.

In fact, he's looking for more ways to improve and keep his jokes flowing. "For me, I just love doing what I do," he says. "I have two lives right now. Sometimes, I travel with a band, and sometimes, it's just me doing standup. I love to combine both of them."

We chatted with Sinbad, who will be performing at Hard Rock Live 7 p.m. Sunday, jan. 13.

You started performing comedy in the '80s. Is there anything you'd haven't done?

Oh, man, there's so much I'd like to do. People kind of put me in a box. But I want to do some comedy, some drama. I want to kill some people. I want to love some people. I want to do it all. There's no limit to want I want to do. I'm greedy. I like it all.

In college, you played basketball. Do you miss it?

My knees were destroyed. But basketball got me where I should be. It got me to be here. All the things I learned playing basketball helped me become a better comic. Things like dealing with an audience, being in the front, learning to deal with disappointment, even dealing with injuries. It's the same thing as being on stage and making the best at whatever happens. I look at my basketball career as a great experience. I thought it was the thing I was going to do, but I realized I was not supposed to.

Are you a fan of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade?

LeBron's career has been chiseled through the fire. A lot of people didn’t give him the love they should. He’s always been focused. It’s funny, as soon as he got one championship, everyone supported him. I give him credit for finding his path and not letting people take that from him.  I love them cats, and we’re going to do it again this year.

You come from a big family. Where would you be without them?

Not only do I have a big family, but I have a cool family. The only reason I am who I am is because my dad made my life possible. I appreciated everything he did and taught me. I appreciate it all.

Do you have a funny story to tell us. Maybe something that happened on stage?

You never remember those kind of stories when people ask you. It's almost better to find someone else who remembers it -- that was there with you. There's so many stories, man. But most of my life is pretty funny, so every story is kind of crazy. I've had a crazy life.

Did you see the movie "Django Unchained"? Do you think the criticism of the movie was fair?

Yes, I saw it. There's two things about "Djanjo." Was it funny? Yes. Great acting? Yes. But I hope Hollywood does not think this is a definitive movie about slavery. If you walk out of a movie about slavery and all the white people are laughing, it's not a movie about slavery.  There was a real "Django," and his name was Nat Turner. You know, I can't give Hollywood a pass about a make-believe movie about slavery. 

Sinbad will perform 7 pm. Sunday, Jan. 13, at Hard Rock Live, at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, 5700 Seminole Way, in Hollywood. Go to





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