Courthouse employees say it's a regular sight to see exercisers spinning away on the stationary B-Cycles. The only hitch: Riders have to pedal backwards.

Broward B-cycles — the rentable blue bikes locked in racks all over town — are attracting pedal pushers who are penny pinchers.

It seems some enterprising exercisers are climbing aboard without paying, using the would-be rentals as stationary bikes. The only hitch: Riders have to pedal backwards.

On a recent weekday afternoon, two determined ladies hopped aboard the bikes near the Broward County Courthouse in downtown Fort Lauderdale and pedaled —backwards — furiously.

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Courthouse employees say it’s a regular sight. It’s nothing new to B-cycle officials at the Madison, Wis., headquarters, either.

“We’ve seen folks pedal backwards on our bikes that are docked at the station,’’ said B-cycle’s business development manager, Brent Tongco. “We would prefer that they actually pedal forward and check out the bike. But that said, we have no objection to it.

“B-cycle stations are part of the streetscape. They're street furniture. And we’ve learned over the many years that people interact with them in many ways. We see it as a positive thing.”

Tongco said he hopes the exercise enthusiasts don’t impede any paying users. And in Broward, there are many. This year, riders have already made 14,164 trips on the rentable bikes. or 954-356-4541