Hurricane facts: Florida hit more often in even years

Florida has been clobbered by hurricanes more often in even years than odd; not such great news since this is 2014.

The state also has a tendency to be hit after long periods of tropical peace, and our last strike was eight years ago.

The National Hurricane Center just released an updated list of all 281 hurricanes that have struck the United States since 1851. Here some of the more interesting findings.

How many hurricanes have struck Florida?

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One hundred fourteen, 37 of them major systems. The next most-battered states were Texas (63); Louisiana (54); and North Carolina (47).

How many times has southeast Florida been struck?

Forty-one, more than Alabama and Mississippi combined. Of those, 15 were major systems. Only the northwest section of the state suffered more strikes, 55, 12 major.

How many times has Central Florida been hit?

The Orlando area has been struck by 12 hurricanes, including one major system in Category 3 Hurricane Donna in 1960. The broader region, extending from Tampa Bay to Daytona Beach, has been hit 33 times, including five major hurricanes.

Does Florida get hit more often in odd or even years?

The even years have it with 63 strikes vs. 52 for odd years. However, powerful storms have struck in both even and odd years. Hurricane Andrew, a Category 5, devastated south Miami-Dade County in 1992 and Category 3 Wilma plowed over Southwest Florida and South Florida in 2005.

How often has Florida been hit by multiple hurricanes in one season?

Thirty-two seasons, or once every five years. In 24 of the years, it was struck by two hurricanes, in six of the years three hurricanes, and in two of the years four hurricanes (2004 and 2005).

What was the busiest season?

2005 had 28 storms and 15 hurricanes, the busiest and most destructive on record.

What was the slowest season?

1914, when only one tropical storm was recorded. However, hurricane center science officer Chris Landsea notes: "There likely were some hurricanes in 1914, but these would have been missed without the wonderful satellite images and hurricane hunter data available to us today." 

Which decades saw the most hits in Florida?

The 1880s were the busiest, with 11 hurricane strikes, followed by the 1940s with 10 hits. The 1890s, 1910s and 1920s each saw nine strikes.

Which decades saw the least hits in Florida?