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Double dippin': Seeking fishy recipes

Q: My two teenage daughters and I went deep-sea fishing. We caught a mahi and a wahoo and now I am not sure what to do with them. The Hurricane Grill has a menu item that is wonderful, a Mahi and wahoo smoked fish dip. I would love the recipe if you could get it for me. Also, none of my cookbooks have instructions on how to smoke a fish without a smoker. Thank you for your assistance! — Beth Volpe, Boca Raton

A: A little persistence paid off with Beth's query. After exploring several channels, I finally connected with Konnect Public Relations in Los Angeles, which represents Hurricane Grill & Wings (multiple locations, Thanks to PR pros Shelby Fox and Bridget Strickland for helping with the request. This nationwide chain scores big points for its version of this popular South Florida appetizer.

Q: I would like to know the recipe for the Tuna dip from Olé Olé. It's scrumptious! — Cassandra Hampton, Plantation

A: Santos Blanco, manager of Olé Olé Mexican Grill & Cantina (8100 W. Broward Blvd., Plantation; 954-476-8100), said he gave the recipe to former "You Asked For It" columnist Suzanne Jones. Sure enough, I found it in our archives dating back to 2007. Blanco and several of his kitchen staff have been at the restaurant since its inception 23 years ago. According to Blanco, Olé Olé is still going strong because of its quality food, consistency and great service. True to consistency, the tuna recipe hasn't changed a bit.

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