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$1K hourly high hands for at Creek

The high hands for June for $1-$2 no-limit, which I play, and higher, are probably the highest ever at Stax.

 It's $500 every 30 minutes, and all royal flushes pay $2,000. The qualifier is aces over 10s and they're running it 24/7. It's also for games higher than $1-$2 NL, and for $3-$6 limit.

Meanwhile, for $2 straight, $2-$4 and multi-table touranments, it's $150 high hands every 30 minutes and all royals pay $500 (but not high hand).

 I've written here before that I haven't hit a high hand in more than a year, partially because I've bet out on sets, rather than check and chase (I just forget). But I'd bet that this will draw a crowd this month.


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