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277K bad beat hits at PB Kennel Club

 Another big bad beat hit at the Palm Beach Kennel Club, with a Michigan man winning $138,669 Sunday afternoon.

The main was identified as Dieter W.

In a game of $2-$5 No Limit Holdem, Dieter had a straight flush to the seven of spades (3-4-5-6-7) while Liz H., a poker room regular, finished the hand with a straight flush to the nine of spades (5-6-7-8-9).

 Liz’s “winning” hand paid off second-place money, an early Christmas present of $69,335. The remaining seven players at the table collected $9,905. The total Bad Beat Jackpot was $277,339.

 The kennel club identified the dealer as Tiffany Leite, a four-year veteran of the Poker Room (no word on what everyone tipped her).

 The record payoff for a Palm Beach Bad Beat jackpot occurred Sept. 24, when a regular won $252,415 in a limit game. The total Bad Beat Jackpot on that day was $504,833.

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