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$414K Bad Beat hits at Palm Beach Kennel Club

 Another very large Bad Beat Jackpot hit at Palm Beach Kennel Club, this time for $414,567.

It came Aug. 7 at Table 16 with players in a $2 straight game.

It's the second-highest Bad Beat jackpot ever won at PBKC and for a single facility in Florida. Palm Beach Kennel Club’s Poker Room paid out $504,833 on Sept. 23, 2012. The Seminole Tribe has had large bad beats but they involved all their poker rooms across the state.

If a player who has at least four 10s loses, to a better hand, that loser gets half the jackpot.  The winner of the hand gets 25 percent, and those sitting at the table split the remaining 25 percent.  The “losing” hand received $207,000; the actual winning hand collected $103,642 and the other seven players took home $14,806.

 The players declined to be named.

Reth Bennett dealt the hand, where the loser held 5 and 6 of diamonds and the winner held 10 and J of diamonds.  On the flop was a 7 and 9 of diamonds and then the river was flipped and it was an 8 of diamonds, giving both players a straight flush.

“After the flop, I had a player celebrating his high hand full house,” said Bennett.  “It took a while to determine that the Bad Beat was hit.  The players had no idea.  Then a player said “I have a straight flush!” and yet another “I have a straight flush too!” and that was when we figured out that we had a Bad Beat,” Bennett added. 

 The Bad Beat jackpot was last hit on Dec. 23, 2012.

"For it to go 228 days is incredible.  Our business has benefited immensely because of the Bad Beat,” said Noah Carbone, Poker Room Director. “The excitement of the building jackpot kept us very busy in this typically slow part of the year.”

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