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Former Calder dealer wins $100K Studz PPC event

Chris Lewis, the chip leader at the time, took home $14,500, in the Studz Summer Splash at Calder Casino and Race Course on Sunday, part of the Players Poker Championship (PPC Poker Tour).

Play stopped when the field narrowed to five, and the players made an agreement based on their chip counts at the time to divide the money, with Lewis, of Hollywood, taking home the most. In addition to tournament cash, the top five received a $2,500 entry into the Aruba Poker Classic main event, a $550 entry into another Aruba tournament, six nights in Aruba and a $360 flight credit.

The tournament, which carried a $150 buy-in, drew 837 entries.

Lewis, 27, dealt poker at Studz until April, when he left to pursue a career in law enforcement. Support from his girlfriend, Brittany Knauer, and former colleagues and supervisors from Calder were vital to his success, he said.

The tournament more than met its $100,000 guarantee, paying out more than $108,000. The results: Chris Lewis$14,500Package 5Frankie Zayas$9,500Package 5Damien Simon$7,800Package 5Jennifer Patrice$6,000Package 5Oneal Dowaild$4,276Package 5Joey Prosper$3,338 Jacques Alabre$2,589 Paul Gregory$2,034 Michael Herman$1,616 Felix Garcia$1,301 Eduardo Tradanino$1,301 David Tylicki$1,301 Joe Ebelhar$1,058 Daniel Quesada$1,058 Andre Bryan$1,058 Jason Volles$871 Philip Randazzo$871 Marie Fisher$871 James Davis$726 Daniel Blum$726 Marc Weingarten$726 Robert Williams$612 Barry Goldman$612 Jacques Brutus$612 Jordan Chizick$521 Alexandra Fleites$521 Ory Hen$521 Chris Jackson$449 Magdiel Medina$449 Leandro Rivero$449 John Kwon$392 Sergio Cejas$392 Andrew Weir$392 Hector Laraballo$346 Julio Fernandez$346 Abraham Gross$346 Vendel Johnson$308 Luis Soriano$308 Douglas Mazzola$308 Alex Deleon$308 Nicholas Mahabee$308 John Keenan$308 Ramdath Singh$308 Steven Tovitov$308 Jose Garcia$308 Eugene Spence III$278 Andrew Turzak$278 Adel Jo$278 Adriano Dipaulo$278 Avi Harkmon$278 Susan Steinberg$278 David Del Pozo$278 David Swatschro$278 Matt Macauley$278 Jeff Sheppard$252 Tim Morgan$252 Matthew Fouhy$252 Richard Stein$252 Lesley Cutler$252 Fredy Sergovia$252 Giovanni Quintero$252 Kieth Wagner$252 Evan Snow$252 Theo Lawson$232 Alfredo Ibanez$232 Errol Massey$232 Leopoldo Martinez$232 Anthony Gist$232 Milana Nosikovsky$232 Renier Gonzalez$232 Zack Barnett$232 Al Gomez$232 Eitan Alovsh$214 Marc Brody$214 A. Lockwood$214 Sam Medina Jr$214 Jessie Maano$214 Thomas Connard$214 Sean Hew$214 Archibald Barrant$214 Hashim Burney$214 Joshua Elrich$197 Sebastian Gallego$197 Chris Bolek$197 Anthony Vitelli$197 Johnnye Davis Jr$197 Derek Buonano$197 Debbie Metro$197 James Dulin$197 Brad Mixson$197 


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