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$88K win at Seminole Classic -- playing bingo

Joyce Duffy from Davie walked away with a huge win -- $88,450 -- at Seminole Classic Casino last week. And it was by playing bingo.

 Duffy was playing the "Do It Yourself" game on Thursday. That's when players select eight numbers and if they complete the small ring around the free space (take a second and picture it, it's eight numbers), they get the loot. Duffy won on the number 40, via a jackpot that had been building up for quite some time.

  Players must have all eight of their numbers called before the 20th number in order to win. A pack purchase is required to play the game.

 The casino offers both paper and electronic Do It Yourself bingo. In the electronic version, players can purchase up to 600 $1 cards to automatically play for a single game. 

 Seminole Classic Casino is located at 4150 North State Road 7, Hollywood. Call 1-866-2CASINO or 954-961-3220 or visit or Follow on twitter at @SemClassicCasino. Follow on Instagram at @semclassiccasino.

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