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'All In or Fold' free-roll at Mardi Gras April 1

 Personally, I think the date is just a coincidence, but it's certainly going to be a wild tournament: Mardi Gras Casino's Big Easy Poker Room offers an "All In or Fold" free roll at 7 p.m. April 1.

  Players get 500 free units, a $20 dealer addon brings another 5,000 units and there are unlimited and unrestricted $10 rebuys of 2,000 units during the first six rounds. Then up to two $20 add-ons for 5,000 units after round six.

 But we're getting away from the idea. There'll be no betting, check-raising, etc. Players either shove or wait for another hand.

 Registration begins at 1 p.m. The guarantee is $1,500.

 Meanwhile, the poker room is finding more players like "Speed Poker," where players are expected to act immediately on routine decisions and are encouraged to remain actively engaged in the game -- or else they'll be moved to another table. High hands are $200 at $1-$2 no-limit tables and $300 at higher tables.

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