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Isle adds electronic baccarat

This pretty much completes the category on electronic games: The Isle Casino and Racing in Pompano Beach has added virtual baccarat.

South Florida’s pari-mutuels, which were approved for only slots and poker by voters, have been adding electronic ways to match Las Vegas casinos. Virtual blackjack arrived in 2009, virtual roulette showed up earlier this year, and now, a seven-seat terminal for baccarat has opened at the Isle. The game is especially popular with Asian gamblers, which the Isle hopes to attract, says Joshua LeDuff, the casino’s senior director of marketing.

In a deal negotiated with the state, the seven casinos operated by the Seminole Tribe of Florida offer live blackjack and baccarat, but only electronic roulette. LeDuff said virtual baccarat in some ways is better than the Seminoles’ live version.

“It’s a faster game, and you don’t have to wait for other people to make up their mind,” he says. “Plus, if you’re a newer player, it’s less intimidating, because you don’t have to worry about slowing them down.”

Baccarat is like betting on a coin flip. Gamblers guess whether the player or the banker will collect two cards closest to 9.

The Isle’s minimum bet is $3, but some of that money can be placed on bonus bets. Players can bet $1 to collect $1,000 if both sides are dealt 9-9. Correctly betting on a tie pays 8 to 1. Betting on a pair and hitting it pays 11 to 1. And as in hand-dealt baccarat, bets on the banker that are winners pull out a 5 percent commission.

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