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Casinos bet big on Colossal Diamond slot machine

Some people frequent casinos to live large, and casino gaming doesn't get much larger than the Colossal Diamonds slot machine.

At 8 feet wide and 8 feet tall, it's the size of three regular slot machines. Three video reels each spin on 42-inch monitors. A typical slot machine comes with a seat. Colossal Diamonds has a bench.

The game made its debut this month at Calder Casino and Race Course in Miami Gardens and at Hialeah Park Casino. It eventually will be added to Seminole Casino Coconut Creek and other venues.

You'll know it when you see it. Its red cabinet is as big as a small barn.

"We call it Big Red," says Wade West, Calder's senior director of marketing.

Colossal Diamonds uses traditional casino symbols: the number seven, black bars and cherries. The minimum bet is $5 per spin, which would pay a jackpot (three triple-bar symbols) of $2,000. The maximum bet of $15 can yield a $6,000 jackpot.

Colossal Gaming invented the game three years ago, but installed it at only one casino. American Gaming Systems bought Colossal Gaming in May, and is rolling out the game across the country. There are 77 Colossal Diamonds in use so far in the United States, with another 200 to 300 planned for next year.

"We consider it a social game, and people line up behind it to watch," says Andrew Burke, vice president of slot products for AGS, a small player in the slot world. "It's like a carnival attraction."

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