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My run for charity: Ninth (out of nine...)

 So my latest media endeavor came Saturday when the folks at Calder Casino and Race Course organized their second annual Media Footrace for Charity.

Last year, I thought I had a shot, so I trained and got smoked, coming in fifth.

 This year, I realized I had no shot. So I enjoyed the buffet up at the Turf Club. Prime rib, salmon, chicken, potatoes, ribs and some pie. Because a 100-yard dash isn't so tough, right? Just suck it up for 30 seconds...

  I sucked it up for 15. As the video shows, I'm ok for the first 50 yards or so, then got crushed by Julie Guy, Julie Durda and Trina Robinson (everyone else was long gone).

 For those who use that cliche "he doesn't know the meaning of the word 'quit,'" hey, I do.

 So I got the Rich Minaya award for finishing last. The only problem was, last year his was intentional.

 Thought I'd make things up by hitting the poker room, where they were running $500 high hands every hour. And it looked good: Holding a pair of 8s, another came out on the flop and another on the turn.

 "High hand!" I yelled.

That was at 3:31. At 3:33, someone got quad kings with an 8; then quad kings with a 10, then quad aces. So not only did my high hand -- and $500 -- go away, it would have been fourth, at best.

But as usual there's a good side: Calder donated $2,500 to the charity of each runner's choice. Mine is the Sun Sentinel Children's Fund, and that's me with Calder President Austin Miller.

Congrats to Steve "Goldy" Goldstein, and everyone else who finished ahead of me.


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