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Calder goes to zero-in-hand for jackpots

 Studz Poker Room at Calder Casino and Race Course is going with "board plays" for its high-hand promotions in March.

 That means if a royal flush, for example, hits the board, those in the hand qualify for the high hand. Many card rooms require both cards in hand for limit games and at least one card in hand for no-limit. Other places require two in hand, no matter what.

"By changing the qualifier, our promotions are now won just like any hand of poker," Calder's Matt Harper said. "If you can win the pot with just one card or no cards in your hand, you should be eligible for the promo too."

 He said so far Studz has seen an increase in the first Saturday and Sunday in March compared to February.

"As with anything, it takes some time for word to spread, so we expect to see it grow even more as the month goes on," Harper said.

 He said the  $500 High Hands every 20 minutes on Feb. 23 did well, and Studz wants to do it this March 23, too.

 Meanwhile, the brush is planning mixed games -- schedule times for the games -- and there's a $3,000 cash giveaway on March 17 and 31.

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