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Casino Miami Jai-Alai reports jackpot flurry

Casino Miami Jai Alai officials report a flurry of jackpots so far in April, totalling more than $1 million just 12 days into the month. Casino Miami’s Executive Director of Marketing Stephen Blank says a big one is hitting about every other day:

 Alexis R. hit a $30,920 jackpot April 4 on a $5 denomination Royal Reels machine. 

 Alfonso T., hit a $45,606.86 jackpot April 8 on the same Royal Reels machine.

An unnamed guest hit a $64,240.95 jackpot Aug. 6 on a $5 denomination Liberty 7 machine.

Victoriano R. hit a $52,346.05 jackpot just past the stroke of midnight April 12 on a $10 Royal Reels machine. (Regular readers know I'm not a big fan of the first-name last initial stuff -- what if the winner is a "LeBron J." or a "Giancarlo S."? -- but in this case I'll give it to them because it's used to document a trend.)


Other smaller jackpots ranging from $2,000 to $17,000 have been going off almost daily since the end of March, officials report.


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