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Family Guy slot at Seminole Hard Rock

Here come Peter, Lois and Stewie: A “Family Guy” slot machine is rolling out in casinos across the country, including the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood.

The machine, featuring the characters from the animated show that first aired in 1999, made its debut in February in California, and eventually will be available everywhere, officials at game manufacturer International Game Technology said.

The game’s bonus rounds take patrons through plot twists familiar to fans. Stewie shouts, “Victory shall be mine!” in his game, called World Domination. Lois shouts, “All right! That’s enough!” in Lois’ Hot Spins, which involves a naked Peter trying to seduce her. And Peter proclaims, “I don’t trust giant chickens, anymore!” in Peter Versus Chicken, which could award players bonus cash, depending on how he fares in a fistfight.

The machine also offers Classic Cutaway, Family Guy Favorites and Breaking News Bulletin, featuring weatherman Ollie Williams. Another bonus scene ends up at the Drunken Clam, with Peter and friends sucking down beers.

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