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Hialeah man hits for $3M Monopoly scratch-off

 He can pass "Go" as much as he wants with this loot, and forget about that $200: Cesar Mendez, 38, of Hialeah, claimed the top prize in the Monopoly  Scratch-Off game at Florida Lottery headquarters in Tallahassee.

 The top prize? $3 million.

 But Mendez chose to receive the winnings in a one-time, lump-sum payment of $2,473,627.13. (Still enough to buy Boardwalk and Park Place, I bet.) He bought the ticket at Publix, located at 5781 Lee Boulevard in Lehigh Acres. He's in the center of this photos, flanked by his brothers, none of whom seem to be smiling. C'mon, dudes, you just won!

The $20 Scratch-Off game, $3,000,000 Monopoly, offers 10 top prizes of $3 million and 10 prizes of $500,000, in addition to lower and mid-tier prizes. There is one $3 million top prize and two $500,000 prizes remaining.

The Florida Lottery offers approximately 60 scratch-off games at any given time through vending machines or counter displays at more than 13,000 retailers statewide.

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