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Lottery sets records with $78.5M in scratch-off sales

 Talk about having an itch: The Florida Lottery announced Monday that sales of scratch-off tickets exceeded $78.5 million last week, and that's a record.

 It broke the previous sales mark by $4.5 million, reached the first week of March 2012. Florida Lottery’s Scratch-Off sales have also surpassed the New York Lottery, the highest-selling U.S. lottery, the past four consecutive weeks, lottery officials say.


  There were 21 Florida games that had sales of more than $1 million last week, Florida Lottery Secretary Cynthia O’Connell said.

 The Florida Lottery's newest $25 Scratch-Off game, 100X THE CASH, led the scratch-off game sales, exceeding $15 million in sales last week. The $20 GOLD RUSH TRIPLER Scratch-Off game followed with more than $9.5 million in sales.

 Lottery ticket sales make up about 57 percent of the Florida Lottery's sales, which exceed $4 billion per year. They also pay out better: The scratch-off games pay back 70 cents per dollar, while Florida Lotto, Powerball, Fantasy 5, Play 4 and Cash 3 each return only 50 percent.


 Meanwhile, Powerball has reached $400 million. So look for Florida players to gravitate toward that game until someone hits it big.

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