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Miami TSA employee claims $16M Lotto win

 She can afford to stop patting down sweaty passengers now if she wants to. But she says she's not going to quit her job.

  Janet Reddick, 50, who works for the TSA at Miami International Airport, claimed the $16 million Florida Lotto jackpot from the drawing held on Jan. 2.

 Reddick, pictured with her family, chose to receive her winnings in a one-time, lump-sum payment of $11,176,967.45.

  Lottery publicists report that Reddick is a long time Lottery fan and plans to keep her job and continue living her life the way she always has.

  “I wouldn’t have anything to do if I stayed home,” she said. She will also keep playing lottery games. 

  Mercado Miami, located in Terminal F of the Miami International Airport, will receive a bonus commission of $65,000 for selling the ticket. Mercado is a popular venue for airport employees to buy their tickets, and is among the leading vendors statewide for the lottery.



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