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Florida Lotto at $43M, highest of the year

Another larger-than-normal jackpot is bubbling over in Florida, and the good news about this one is that the winning ticket has to be sold in Florida.

The Florida Lotto jackpot is at $43 million for Wednesday night’s drawing. That’s easily the largest is has been all year and is the highest since the $51 million in December 2011. No one has correctly picked the six numbers needed since April 20.

The state began offering Florida Lotto in 1988, shortly after voters approved a statewide lottery. Two larger lotteries – now played in 43 states – later became available to Floridians: Powerball in 2009 and MegaMillions earlier this year. Because of those games, some lottery players have wandered away from Florida Lotto, and with a slower pace of ticket sales, the chances of breaking the state’s Lotto record jackpot of $106.5 million in 1990 is slim, lottery officials note.

There are more than 13,000 lottery ticket venues in the state and tickets are only $1. But the bad news: odds of correctly picking the six numbers from 1 through 53 are one in 23 million.

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