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Gambling writer cashes winning Lotto ticket

 I've always wanted to write that headline...

Today, it came true. And when I told a friend it was for "five-fifty," she said, "Great!"

Of course, it's for five dollars, fifty cents.

I hit three of six numbers in Saturday night's Florida Lotto drawing. That's good for $5.50, and marks the biggest win ever for me. (I buy maybe a couple of tickets a month.) I was just three numbers away from hitting the Florida Lotto jackpot of about $40 million.

I hid the ticket for a couple of days, figured out what I'd do with the cash, then quietly drove to the Marathon station on Sunrise west of I-95 to cash it. I debated re-investing it in the Lottery, like many folks do, but decided to just take the money and run.

Note to all other media: Sorry, I am unavailable for comment. Note to relatives: I have changed my phone number and e-mail.

I plan to apply the money toward our family budget, giving 10 percent to a charity. Most likely a guy holding a cup on Broward and I-95.

And, only 1 million more wins like this and I can buy the Clippers.


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