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Girls in bikinis, World Cup and poker: My day at Seminole Hard Rock

 Talk about a whirlwind day: That would be my Thursday at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

I'm not much of a photographer, but I agreed to shoot the World Cup party at the casino Thursday, figuring I'd see some people in yellow Brazil shirts and that'd be that. I fed this gallery.

Somehow I missed the notice of the pre-parade, which consisted of drums, dancers and ... girls in bikinis matching many of the participating nations. Tough job.

I somehow make it through that, even getting in a photo of me with two participants, wearing gold outfits -- not representing a country. They seemed a little less active than the rest of the crowd, and later I find out why: One will be spray-painted in the colors of the U.S. flag, the other in host country Brazil. They are in the gallery bookmarked above.

The game kicks off, I take an hour to slip over to the poker room.

Good news in the poker room: Lots of TV, can see World Cup and U.S. Open golf tournament.

Bad news: All are tuned to World Cup. No golf. Two men complain, rightfully.

Good news: My ace-jack meets an eventual board of A-A-J, giving me the high hand! Seven minutes to hold up -- it's not a great high hand -- but just seven minutes and I'm $500 richer! My first high hand since 2012!

Bad news: Two more players hit aces over jacks. (They require only one in hand, so we speculate it was a funky chop.) So as of 4:27, I'll be splitting the $500. With maybe 20 tables running, that's understandable.

Worse news: Royal flush for someone at 4:29! Bye-bye loot. Also down $83 playing $1-$2 no-limit. Beginning to really prefer tournaments. Likely playing at Plantation charity event Saturday.

OK news: Back to work, shooting some fans at the bars and lobbies. No more bikinis, but a lot of smiling faces.



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