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Santana keeps Seminole Hard Rock VIPs on their feet

  Seminole Hard Rock high rollers likely are shuffling along slowly today, after a searing Thursday night soiree with Santana.

  VIPs often get a day-before show when acts come to Hard Rock Live, and this was one they especially enjoyed. Many were on their feet the entire two hours, and the crowd pushing the stage, which generally thins out to about four-deep, was at least twice that all night. The slots and blackjack could wait.

  That's a credit to Carlos Santana and his 10-piece band. Almost all of them got their solo time -- Santana is good about that -- and the main man himself gave plenty of examples why some magazines rank him among the top 10 guitarists of all time.

 Santana, 66, was married for 34 years before divorcing in 2007. He remarried in 2010, and his wife, Cindy Blackman, was a guest drummer, nailing a solo that provided yet another highlight.

 A New Orleans reviewer of an April 25 concert there criticized Santana for being overly chatty and preachy, and he was anything but on Thursday. He did give one 2-minute, 45-second talk about love and peace toward the end of the show, which drew applause, but that was it.

 Because he's not a vocalist, two singers more-than-aptly handled his past hits, including "Evil Ways," "Black Magic Woman" and "Oye Como Va." Well, I need to back that up a bit. Sometimes Santana did sing; I just didn't know what the hell he was singing. All I know is it was good.

  Santana plays tonight at Hard Rock Live. The show is sold out.

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