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Hard Rock Twitterment: So close...

 So I entered the free-roll "Twitterment" at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, taking a shot at earning a seat in their $10 million guarantee poker tournament.

 The Seminole Hard Rock put on the tournament to increase its Twitter followers (which I already was one, as I am for every South Florida gambling endeavor). More than 200 followers signed up, but only 137 showed up. That happens when it's a free tournament.

 I played solid poker for about three hours -- not too high, not too low -- and when we took a break, I realized "hey, I could win this thing." There were only 22 players left, and I hadn't faced one all-in.

   There was only one prize -- the seat in the Aug. 22-29 tournament, which costs $5,300 if I were to buy in on my own (fat chance!). But what if I did pull this one out? Would I still cover the tournament? Would I draft Big Dave Lemmon or Jann Sabin to take over this blog, in the name of journalistic objectivity?

  I ground down to the final table, survived an all-in and tripled up when I played 8-6 and an 8 hit. Hey, this really could happen.

  I thought even more so when I got A-Q suited on the next hand, which seemed liked a good idea to shove with. Alas, I ran into J-J, got no help, and went home in eighth, penniless.

 Just so you know, I had formulated a plan: I'd sell my seat. Not for any journalistic reason, but for business. Even though the tournament is paying 15 percent, instead of the normal 10 percent of the field, I gotta be realistic. Those are long days and long odds. So I'd take the sure cash.

 If I get the name of the winner, I'll put it up.


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