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Lottery: Fort Lauderdale man beats expiration deadline, claims $277K

 Just 18 days before his quarter-million-dollar payday would have evaporated, Ruben Curbelo took his winning Fantasy 5 ticket to Tallahassee and claimed $277,401.33.

 Curbelo's winner was drawn back on Jan. 5, and there's a 180-day deadline to claim the prize. That would have expired on July 3.

 Lottery officials said Curbelo had no further comment, and he couldn't be reached via phone. So that leaves us to wonder what took him 162 days:

1.) Did he just never check the ticket?

2.) Did he need this time to get his affairs in order?

3.) Is there some physical reason why he couldn't get to Tallahassee, which is the only lottery venue that can verify and cash such a large amount?

4.) He doesn't need the money?

5.) Is there some other reason?


 His bought the ticket at Loren Food Store, located at 2011 S. State Road 7 in Davie.

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