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Mardi Gras offers 'speed poker'

"Do you feel the need…

"The need for SPEED?" is Mardi Gras' Big Easy latest promotional cry.

 The card room is trying "speed poker" for $1-$2 no-limit players.

Speed hold’em is just like regular hold’em with just a few things to keep in mind, Director of Poker David Litvin says.

Internet players will enjoy it, he reasons, because they're used to playing fast. I'm a tight player, so I enjoy it, too, because I fold a little more than most.

The rules:

Players on speed hold’em can expect each other to act IMMEDIATELY on routine decisions

Players on speed hold’em can expect each other to act in no more that 5-10 seconds on any action

Players can expect each other to remain actively engaged in the game at all times and to always be ready to act when it is their turn

Players who cannot or will not meet these expectations may be asked to return to one of the card room's regular games

Dealers will immediately announce the amount of any bet or raise

Dealers will immediately count down and announce all bets

Dealers will make every effort to keep the game moving at a fast pace at all times and will prompt players to remind them when it is their turn to act

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