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Donovan Campbell wins Media Footrace at Calder

 Donovan Campbell, allegedly a replacement for an injured co-worker, dominated the field Saturday in winning the Media Footrace for Charity at Calder Casino and Race Course.

 Campbell, a sportscaster for WSVN-Ch. 7, replaced anchor Diana Diaz, who is pretty damn fast herself. But Diaz says she "sprained an ankle" and Saturday, there was Campbell, in tights, stretching and ready to go. Diaz showed up and looked fine. I'm just saying...

Actually, that's not true. She was really limping. I believe her.

Meanwhile, one thing that always impresses me about TV folks: They are always nice to the public. Whenever some Calder regular waves and says "let's take a photo," they hustle over, smile and seem to enjoy it. No eye-rolling later on, never a smart-aleck comment. (As a print guy, maybe that's something I should learn, should someone ever actually want a photo with me.)

 Channel 6's Trina Robinson was also gracious when a female fan post-race told her how svelte she looks in person, being well-meaning about saying the camera makes people look heavier.

 The woman then turned to me and said: "Not you. You look the same." I thought she just bluffing that she knew me and I was a TV person, but now that I think about it, maybe she has seen my mug on the Showtime gambling page each week?

The frontrunners from the start, Campbell and Goldstein, held the lead throughout the race as they battled for the lead. Tanto Irie of WHQT Hot 105 FM and Steve Young of WMXJ Majic 102.7 FM followed the speedy leaders, but ultimately came up 7 and 7 ½ lengths short of victory, respectively. As is my tradition, I was dusted right out of the gate, and trotted, under the guise of keeping Robinson company. Boy, am I glad she was there...

 But the Sun-Sentinel Children's Fund got a $2,500 check from Calder. Had I won, the check would've been ... $2,500.

The complete order of finish and the runners’ respective charities can be found below:

1st – Donovan Campbell & Diana Diaz (WSVN FOX-7) – His House Children’s Home

2nd - Steve “Goldie” Goldstein (WINZ 940 AM) – Goldie’s Gang

3rd - Tanto Irie (WHQT Hot 105 FM) – Smiley’s Voice Foundation

4th - Steve Young (WMXJ Majic 102.7 FM) – The Children’s Memorial Tree Garden

5th - Jeff Martin (WLYF 101.5 Lite FM) – Alzheimer’s Family Center of Margate

6th - Jen Herrera (WPLG ABC-10) – American Cancer Society’s Weston Relay for Life

7th - Nick Sortal (Sun Sentinel) – Sun Sentinel Children’s Fund

8th - Trina Robinson (WTVJ NBC-6) – Do The Right Thing of Miami, Inc.


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