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West Palm woman wins bet, dresses Hellmuth as baby

Casual poker fans who follow Phil Hellmuth might say his perfect outfit would be a baby bonnet, baby clothes and a rattle.

This week, West Palm Beach poker pro Jessica Dawley adorned “The Poker Brat” with those duds, thanks to her skills at the table.

It started when they sat down in Hanover, Md., at a warmup game before the taping of “Poker Night in America,” which airs on CBS Sports. The players competed in a one-table “sit-and-go” tournament, and everyone agreed that the winner would dress up the first person to bust out.

Dawley says Hellmuth told her, “When you lose, I’m going to make you wear a toga.”

But Dawley emerged the winner, and Hellmuth was the first to bust.

“It worked out perfectly,” she says. So she bought the rattle, bottle and adult-size “onesie,” and Hellmuth, a good sport, wore it for the taping, as evidenced by Dawley’s photos.

Hellmuth is a victim of TV editing. Producers love to catch him during his blow-ups, berating other players for what he calls “stupid” moves. But those who often play against him say the 13-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner isn’t such a bad guy.

“He was a great sport about the whole thing, the best,” Dawley says. “I couldn’t believe he actually went through with it.”

The Hellmuth conquest marks just another triumph in a hot year for Dawley, who is sponsored by, a legal online site that’s second in world revenues behind only Dawley has a second home in New Jersey, which allows legal online poker, and she is an “ambassador” for the site. Dawley, who prefers cash games rather than tournaments, makes for a good storyline, having served in the Air Force in Iraq and Afghanistan and providing what she agrees is a “fresh female face,”  which poker often needs.

Like most poker shows, “Poker Night in America” takes some time to edit, so seeing Baby Phil in action is still a couple of months away.

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