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Randee and Randy: One Potter hits $165K jackpot at Coconut Creek

 They're known as Randy and Randee, and recently the female Potter saw an extra-large slot payoff come in.

 Randee Potter, wife of Randy, hit for $165,133 at Seminole Casino Coconut Creek Casino Feb. 4, playing the Lucky Lions slot machine.

 "Easily the largest win she's ever had," says her husband, Randy, who prefers blackjack.

 The Potters, from Coral Springs, are familiar figures at the Seminole casinos. Randee's round, blue-tinted glasses make her instantly recognizable.

 Randy was 17 and Randee was 14 when they met 50 years ago, but plenty of twists and turns followed. Their parents were members of the same golf club in New Jersey. Randy was working in the pro shop and Randee was sitting outside "bored to tears" as her parents shopped inside.

 Randy says he looked outside of the pro shop "at a young cute girl and a love story began." (Hey, I'll give him that quote, but read on, please.)

 The pair started as friends, dated other people and headed off to different colleges. But then in the early '70s, Randee invited Randy to escort her to her sister's wedding. There Randee met the best man whom she eventually married. Several years later, Randy also got married and both had families.

 Some 25 years later, both were divorced. Randee was visiting her parents in Miami and called Randy to talk about old times.

 "From that time on, we've been inseparable," Randy says. They've been happily married 23 years.

 As far as casino life goes, Randy had been playing blackjack since college, and taught Randee and the couple would travel to such venues as the Bahamas, Biloxi and Las Vegas. (There was no blackjack in Florida, but on the very first night at the Seminole Hard Rock five years ago, you bet Randy was there.)

 But in 2000, Randee found the bingo-style slot machines at Seminole Coconut Creek Casino and notes that  she won a jackpot of more than $16,000 on her "second or third" trip there.

 After previously winning two $50,000 slot tournaments at Coconut Creek, Randee hit her big score, that $165,133 earlier this month.

  "You'll need wild horses now to get her back to the blackjack table now," Randy says.

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