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Miami player misses Powerball by one number, settles for $1M

 Someone who bought a ticket in Miami won $1 million in Saturday night's Powerball drawing, but, oh, what might have been.

  The player, who bought a quick pick ticket, hit all five white balls, but missed on the red Powerball -- which would have yielded the whole $325 million jackpot.

 The ticket was sold at Sunshine, 1690 NW 87th Ave. Seven other states also had $1 million winners.

 The odds of selecting all five white balls correctly is one in 5.1 million. The odds of selecting the five white balls and then the correct red ball of 35 are 1 in 175 million.

Powerball players once again were shut out of the main jackpot -- pushing the top prize to about $425 million for the next drawing -- the largest jackpot ever for the game.

The jackpot was at an estimated $325 million going into Saturday night's drawing. The $425 million for Wednesday is only an estimate, because sales pick up in the days before record drawings and Powerball officials are conservative in announcing the jackpot.

Powerball hasn't hit since Oct. 3, which is 15 straight drawings.The all-time jackpot record for any lottery was set earlier this year when MegaMillions rose to $656 million.

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