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Update: Powerball's best chance? Here in Florida

The odds are astronomical, but a Floridian has the best chance of winning Wednesday’s Powerball jackpot of approximately $500 million.

That’s because we’re No. 1 in Powerball ticket sales. Lottery officials note that since the game began its dry spell on Oct. 3, Florida players have bought $83 million worth of tickets. That’s more than anywhere else in the country.

“We’ve led the nation since we added Powerball in 2009, both in winners and in sales,” the Florida Lottery’s Shelly Gerteisensaid. Of the 53 winners since Florida joined the 42-state game, four have been from Florida.

Florida ranks third in overall lottery-ticket sales, with more than $4 billion per year, behind New York ($7 billion) and Massachusetts ($4.8 billion). Both of those states also offer MegaMillions.

Still, the overall odds of winning Powerball are 1 in 175 million. So don’t be too optimistic.

Updated: The lottery on Sunday estimated the jackpot for Wednesday's drawing would be $425 million. On Tuesday, they upped that estimate to $500 million -- and they admit they're conservative in what they say because they don't want disappointed patrons. So look for another increase, likely Wednesday morning, in the jackpot -- although we still have some ways to go before hitting the national lottery jackpot record of $656 million set earlier this year with MegaMillions.


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