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Powerball, Lotto roll over; biggest Fantasy 5 payout of the year

 Powerball and the Florida Lotto both were rollovers Saturday night, but the only Fantasy 5 win was the biggest payout of the year.

  The Powerball numbers were 2-5-31-39-41, with a Powerball of 29. The jackpot will be $90 million for Wednesday night's drawing.

  The Florida Lotto will be $4 million. No one had 1-2-3-9-23-53 on Saturday night.

 Meanwhle, Fantasy 5 produced one winner, from Kangaroo Express, 101 Buena Ventura Boulevard, Kissimmee. As is the case when there's just one winner, it produced a payout over $200,000. In this case it was $275,719.58, surpassing a $244,020.22 winner in Tampa on Feb. 1.

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